LIFE Magazine October 1982

LIFE Magazine October 1982 Conan the Barbarian Bergman and Arnold Schwarzenegger


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note: The Importance of Being There.

Pg… 7 The View from Here: Perfection Lost––the Anguish of Herpes by Loudon Wainwright.

Pg… 10 Letters.

Pg… 15 Camera at Work: A New Technique Called Phototherapy Reveals Secrets of the Mind.

Pg… 27 Portrait: Tom Bradley, The Mayor of LA Is California Dreamin' by Robert Sam Anson.

Pg… 36 The Keepers and Their Killer: A Sensational Murder Trial Shows That Texas Prisoners Are Both Efficient and Cruel.

Pg… 46 The Body Shapers: Women Take to the Gym to Discover the Joys of Pecs––and Lats and Ads

Pg… 54 How Is He Playing in Peoria? A Staunch Reaganite, Illinois Congressman Robert Mitchel, Faces His Toughest Race.

Pg… 65 Buffoons with Bite: Canada's SCTV Skewers the Famous on "the Funniest Show on the Air."

Pg… 77 LIFE Visits Armand Hammer: While Pinning down the Biggest Domestic Deal of His Career, the Fancier Shows off His Homes, His Horses in His Art.

Pg… 87 Ann–Margaret: in Her First US Roadshow, The Vivacious Vixen Is Wowing'em out There

Pg… 94 The Longest Season of Bucky Dent: The Story behind the Benching and Trading of the Yankees Star Shortstop by Robert Sam Anson.

Pg… 112 Baby in the Office: For One Mother in California, Bringing Toddler Carrey to Work Is an Idea That Pleases Everyone

Pg… 118 America, How Beautiful: Photographer William Garnett Provides a Birds–Eye View of the Planet Earth

Pg… 127 Smoke Shops: In New York City, Some 800 "Stores" Sell Marijuana over the Counter.

Pg… 133 Sculpture with a Short Fuse: The Latest Artworks by Dennis Oppenheim Are Machines That Blow up

Pg… 138 LIFE around the World: Disney's Epcot Center Opens… Cosmonauts Make a Splash… Polish Youths Remember the V

Pg… 144 Just One More. : Cover Photograph by Tony Costa

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