LIFE Magazine October 29, 1945

LIFE Magazine October 29, 1945 Autumn Hunter with Dog


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Pg… 29 The Week's Events: New York's Campaign for Mayor

Pg… 36 The Week's Events: Editorial: The Bomb

Pg… 37 The Week's Events: The Pope Poses for Exclusive Photographic Portrait

Pg… 38 The Week's Events: Allies Indict 24 Top Nazis

Pg… 40 The Week's Events: Long Voyage Home

Pg… 42 The Week's Events: She Got Her Man

Pg… 45 The Week's Events: The Atomic Scientists Speak Up, by Dr. David L. Hill, Dr. Eugene

Pg… 45 The Week's Events: Rabinowitch and Dr. John A. Simpson Jr.

Pg… 51 The Week's Events: Japan's Zaibatsu Disclaim War Guilt

Pg… 108 Article: A Short Talk with Erlanger, by John Hersey

Pg… 67 Close–Up: Mr. Piper of Cub Naven, by Lincoln Barnett

Pg… 97 Photographic Essay: English Country Houses

Pg… 87 Sports: Weight Lifting

Pg… 61 Nature: Autumn

Pg… 82 Nature: Boll Weevil's Birth

Pg… 77 Modern Living: "Junior Bazaar"

Pg… 125 Modern Living: Twins Show Scarf Tricks

Pg… 89 Movies: "And Then There Were None"

Pg… 128 People: Two English Kids Go Home

Pg… 132 Science: Elctronic Rat Trap

Pg… 137 Music: Susie Reed Is New Folk Singer

Pg… 4 Other Departments: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 12 Other Departments: Speaking of Pictures: Caricaturist Portrays People Around Truman

Pg… 18 Other Departments: LIFE's Reports: Animals Are Not Human, by Donald Newton

Pg… 141 Other Departments: LIFE Goes to Mike Romanoff's Restaurant

Pg… 146 Other Departments: Miscellany: Berlin's Broken Statues

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