LIFE Magazine September 20, 1963

LIFE Magazine September 20, 1963 U.S. Team Climbs Toward Mt. Everest Summit


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Pg… 4 Editorials: McNamara's Human Problem

Pg… 4 Editorials: How to Teach Our Teachers

Pg… 9 LIFE Guide: Shows of Autumn Flowers; Food Festivals and Model Airplanes

Pg… 17 Loch Ness Secret Solved?: A New Film May Show Whether the Monster is Really There. Special Report by Paul Mandel

Pg… 25 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 30 Debut Ends in a Rampage: Young Guests at a Wanamaker Coming–Out Make a Shambles of a House Their Host Provided

Pg… 38 The Nhus Snap Back: Vietnam's Boss and His Pretty Wife Resist U.S.

Pg… 38B Quintuplets in Venezuela: Mother is Pleased, Father is Frightened.

Pg… 40 People on the Newsfronts: Mrs. Austin Says She is Ford's Bride–to–Be?Folks in Goldwaterland Like Rocky?Jordan's Prince Goes for a Ride?Pretty Water Skier Wins Championship

Pg… 42 Swiss Town's Tragedy: A Fifth of Hunlikon's People Dies in an Air Crash

Pg… 47 Syncom Settles in Orbit: Satellite Orbits Without Going Around Earth

Pg… 55 Crockery Looks Like Ford: Vegetables, Fruit, Cake are Super–Realistic

Pg… 61 Gingery Mary McCarthy: Novelist–Critic Gives a Sharp Sample of Her Views

Pg… 68 U.S. Conquest of Everest: A Mass Assault Sends Three Teams Up?the First Americans to Climb to the Top. The Official Account of James Ramsey Ullman

Pg… 95 Latins Win U.S. Tennis: Osuna and Bueno Sweep Forest Hills

Pg… 98B Outrage Over Death Business: A U.S. Revolt Rises Against Excesses of a $2 Billion Industry. Photographed by Cornell Capa

Pg… 112 Barbra Streisand's Success: "It's a Baked Potato," Says Singer

Pg… 115 Bizarre Hot Rods: Racing Autos Match Speed and Odd Designs

Pg… 120 Young Actors' 'Shrew': Kids in Salt Lake City do a Job on Shakespeare

Pg… 125 Sold–Out Art: More Buyers Sail Into a Broadening Maket

Pg… 131 Mountbatten's Irish Castle: LIFE Visits the English Earl on Vacation

Pg… 134 Miscellany: You Should See the Toreador

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