LIFE Magazine September 27, 1963

LIFE Magazine September 27, 1963 New Astronauts Training for Space


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Pg… 8 Editorials Is any book legally obscene any more? The Senate must save 'Alianza'

Pg… 13 LIFE Guide How to track down college scholarships; a bear hunt; atomic art

Pg… 23 Old Non–Featherbed Days Once the railroad firemen had real jobs to do. Special Report by Gilbert Burck

Pg… 25 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 30 New Astronauts in Training The nine new space pilots write their first–person stories for LIFE as they join the seven veterans and get flying starts on their job. And here are their families. Photographed by Ralph Morse

Pg… 40 The Dakota Quints Exclusive color pictures show those five fine babies as they capture the heart of their home town

Pg… 44A Malaysia's Shaky Start Rioting dims the debut of the world's newest nation

Pg… 44B Birmingham Bombing A white southerner's great speech blames bigotry for the death of four girls and the blinding of another

Pg… 44D People in tie News G.O.P. governors bet on Barry Goldwater for '64. Bobby Kennedy trades compliments with some Indians. Everett Dirksen swings the Senate toward the test ban

Pg… 47 Big Daddy Unruh The Democratic boss of California has its assembly in his pocket

Pg… 57 Komodos: Living Dragons San Diego zoo gives a home to some fearsome rarties

Pg… 66 The High School Years LIFE begins a new series?Part I, in color, evokes the gusto, the pangs, the richness of these headlong years. Photographed by Farrell Grehan

Pg… 93 Frank Sinatra vs. Nevada The singer entertains two friends, one a gangster, and finds himself in trouble

Pg… 97 Boxer Living in a Coma Alejandro Lavorante, paralyzed by a punch, manages a sad victory after doctors have battled to save his brain. By Richard Stolley

Pg… 105 Doris Day Scores Again Top tomato of films never fails with her formula?the wolf–chase and the drenching

Pg… 109 The Lady Bugs Convention LIFE goes to the meeting of a useful group whose members have titles like Katydid and Lady Gold Bug

Pg… 116 Miscellany A cello needs a fellow

Cover: New Astronauts Frank Borman, Thomas Stafford and James Lovell (left to right) try eating weightless and upside down

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