LIFE Magazine September 5, 1969

LIFE Magazine September 5, 1969 Pop Artist Peter Max


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Pg… 4 Column: Second Reading: Bad Vibrations from Woodstock. By Barry Farrell

Pg… 6 Gallery: Gordon Parks Jr. photographs His Father's Movie

Pg… 8–16 Reviews: "The Summer Leftovers." By William Zinsser

Pg… 8–16 Reviews: Movie: "Spirits of the Dead," Reviewed by Richard Schickel

Pg… 8–16 Reviews: Book: "The Cost of Living Like This," by James Kennaway, Reviewed by Melvin Maddocks

Pg… 18A Letters to the Editors

Pg… 18B Nixon in White House West: That San Clemente Retreat is a Breezy Oasis where the President Feels Comfortable. Photographed by Arthur Schatz

Pg… 26 The One–Man Roy Cohn Lobby: His Friends and Influence Can Take Care of Almost Anything, Except Perhaps a Trial. By William Lambert

Pg… 32 Editorial: Nixon Drug Law: a Crucial Fault

Pg… 34 Art: Poster Artist Peter Max is Making His Mark Just About Everywhere

Pg… 40 GI Babies Come of Age: Rejected from Birth, Japanese Mixed–Blood Children Grow Up as Outcasts in Their Own Country. By Don Moser. Photographed by Co Rentmeester

Pg… 48 Special Report: The Czechs Protest a Dark Anniversary

Pg… 50 Autocrat in the Action Area: For Advice on Foreign Policy, the President Turns to Henry Kissinger Every Morning at 9. By David Nevin

Pg… 58 Threatened America: Last Chance to Save the Everglades?Unless the "World's Biggest Jetport is Stopped, We Will lose a Unique Wilderness. By John D. MacDonald. Photographed by John Loengard

Pg… 66 Miscellany

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