LIFE Magazine Winter 1978

LIFE Magazine Winter 1978 Year in Picturres 1977 Special Issue


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Pg… 4 The courage of Sadat

Pg… 10 The sweep of 1977

Pg… 28 An intimate Carter album

Pg… 40 Jubilee for a queen

Pg… 44 A flight into terror

Pg… 52 Uproar over the Big Ditch

Pg… 58 New style in scholars at Oxford

Pg… 64 Limelight

Pg… 73 The fight for human rights

Pg… 80 The lives and styles of Elvis and Bing

Pg… 89 Moments preserved : Cover credits: Star Wars from 2Dth Century–Fox: Jimmy Carter by David Burnett?Contact: King Tut by Fred Maroon?Louis Mercier: Bert Lance by Stanley Tretick; Queen Elizabeth by Fox Photos. Elvis Presley by John Reggero; Golda Nleir and Anwar Sadat by Wide World: Farrah Fawcett–Majors Phil Roach?Photoreporters. : Inside Cover..Roots author Alex Haley was greeted joyously last spring when he traveled back to Gambia, to the village of Juffure where Kunta Kinte, his ancestor, had lived before being captured in the 18th century and shipped to America as a slave.

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