LIFE Magazine February 27, 1939

LIFE Magazine February 27, 1939 Cruise Girls at Paradise Beach


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Pg… 9 The Commander in Chief Goes to Watch His Fleet

Pg… 14 LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 15 British Democracy: A Government Clerk Burlesques the Prime Minister

Pg… 16 Grave Claims "Monsieur de Paris"; Girt Parachute Jumper Regains Nerve

Pg… 17 California Gale Blows Tower Down, Skirts Up; London Unemployed Parade With Skeleton

Pg… 18 England Tests New Bomb Shelters

Pg… 20 Hannes Schneider: No. 1 Skier in New England

Pg… 21 Katherine Rawls Thompson: No. 1 Swimmer in Uruguay

Pg… 22 Winter Rabbit Slaughter Lures Western Sportsman

Pg… 24 Cardinals Gather to Elect a Pope

Pg… 48 Two Little Girls on a Cruise; They Visit Nassau, Havana and Miami

Pg… 26 Wrestling at Oklahoma A. & M.

Pg… 60 Denys Wortman's Cartoons

Pg… 62 Muralist Gets Into Trouble by Copying from Photographs

Pg… 31 "Stagecoach"

Pg… 38 Pretty Picket Lands Hollywood Job

Pg… 58 Skirts Are Getting Shorter

Pg… 41 Aerosol Makes Even Ducks Sink

Pg… 45 New Antidote for Mustard Gas

Pg… 58 Cape Horn: "South of Fifty" on a Fair Day

Pg… 2 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 4 Speaking of Pictures: 40 Years of Life on French Balconies

Pg… 64 People

Pg… 66 LIFE Goes to a First Night on Broadway

Pg… 70 Pictures to the Editors

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