LIFE Magazine January 12, 1962

LIFE Magazine January 12, 1962 Atomic Nuclear Bomb Fallout Shelters


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Pg… 34 STORY OF THE WEEK: Everybody’s Talking About Shelters?the Government Comes Out for Community Protection, and Drawings Give Some Examples. Group Shelters are a Start?the Facts Require Much More. By Warren R. Young Pg… 44 NEWSFRONTS: The Best–Dressed Women?Three Men of an Era Die, Steelman, Lawyer, Bandit?Butchery in Cuba Libre?Here Come the Competition?Gina with the Light Blond Hair Pg… 4 EDITORIALS: Use and Limit of Shelters Pg… 4 EDITORIALS: Odd Views in Wall Street Pg… 76 PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: ‘I’m Still a Part of Things. I’m Somebody’: Busy Retired Men Find Work a Happy Answer. Photographed for LIFE by Robert W. Kelley Pg… 94 ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: The Romantic Riddle of Lawrence of Arabia: the Revival of a Fabled Hero and Faker. By Keith Wheeler Pg… 95 COLOR SPECTACLE: Great Movie–Making Scenes on the Arabian Desert as Lawrence of Arabia is Filmed Pg… 112 ART: Cheery Sampling from Simpler Days: Garbisch Collection of American ‘Primitives’ Tours the Country Pg… 55 DEPARTMENTS: Theater: Stirring Salute to Valor?Thomas More’s Life is Told in A Man for All Seasons Pg… 65 DEPARTMENTS: Close–Up: Romain Gary, the Triple Threat Pg… 89 DEPARTMENTS: Fads: Twisting a Fad for Cash: Out of a Dance a Tortuous Chair Pg… 20 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: the Spell of that Old Quack Magic?Bad Medicine for the Gullible. By Albert Rosenfeld Pg… 32 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE GUIDE for Winter Stargazers, Art, Movies, Twist Records Pg… 13 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors Pg… 118 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Four Inflexible Fliers

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