LIFE Magazine January 1996

LIFE Magazine January 1996 Year in Pictures 1995 Special Issue


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Pg… 9 We Heard, We Saw, We Said: George Clooney Kept Us Awake While Melatonin Lulled Us to Sleep; but Letterman and Hugh Grant Seemed Utterly Clueless.

Pg… 18 '95 –– Our Tumultuous Year: a Photographic Portfolio of Watershed Moments: from the Million Man March to Cal Ripken's Triumph, the O.J. Verdict and a Birth of Stellar Magnitude.

Pg… 42 Oklahoma City: the April Bombing Took 196 Lives and Left behind a Child's Sneaker, a Smashed–Up Briefcase and a Nation Forever Changed.

Pg… 52 Here's to Those Who Went Above and Beyond: from Monica Seles to Christopher Reeve, They Touched Us with Their Fighting Spirit and Generous Hearts.

Pg… 65 The Welfare Maze: While America Wrestles with Reform, an Iowa Mom on Public Assistance Struggles Just to Get by.

Pg… 72 Back from the Abyss: Poignant Photos of Suffering in the Former Yugoslavia, Helped Change the Course of a Long and Bitter War.

Pg… 78 . Life Goes on: Updates on Some of Our Most Compelling Stories: Angelo, the Rwandan Orphan; Seattle Slew's heir; and a Young Sarajevo Victim.

Pg… 82 Late Greats: Fond Farewells to Artists and Actors, Heroes and Athletes – and a Final Salute to a Martyr to Peace : Cover Photographs: the Beatles: Linda McCartney, Cal Ripken: Gregory Heisler, Ginger Rogers, Oklahoma City: Hanks and Lovell

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