LIFE Magazine June 1983

LIFE Magazine June 1983 Private Life of George Lucas Star Wars Creator


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Pg… 4 Editors Note: They Don't Cheat Editors, Do They?

Pg… 7 The View from Here: When My Super Baby Smiles at Me by Loudon Wainwright.

Pg… 8 Camera at Work: An Underwater Photographers Studies Fish Schooling in the Red Sea.

Pg… 17 Letters.

Pg… 19 LIFE Special Report: How the Hitler Diary Forgeries Might Have Been Done––and Why by Edward Kern

Pg… 24 Keepers of an Uneasy Peace: Troops from France, Italy and the U.S. Patrol a Divided in Dangerous Beirut

Pg… 37 Putting Miami in the Pink: In His Latest Caper, Christo Turns the Island of Key Biscayne into Water Lilies.

Pg… 44 Cicero: Angry Blacks and a Fearful Illinois Town Face off in a Legal Confrontation.

Pg… 54 Return of the Raptors: Bred in Captivity, California Falcons and Condors Get Some Human Help to Survive.

Pg… 62 Leaps and Laps for L.A.: America's Divers and Swimmers Are in the Fast Lane for the '84 Olympics

Pg… 70 Route 66: The Legendary Highway, Celebrated in Song and Story, Is That a Dead End.

Pg… 84 George Lucas: a Man and His Empire, the Private Life of the Star Wars Creator by Dale Pollock

Pg… 104 '50s Fever: Television Actress Cathy Bach Shows off the Strapless Everything

Pg… 112 LIFE Visits Carnival Town: Gibson 10, Florida Is Home of 7000 Carnies When They're off the Road

Pg… 120 Normandy: Part 6 in a Life Series and Regional Cooking, from Seafood Stew to Apple Tart by Elinor Graves

Pg… 131 The Face behind the Mask: A Reconstruction of King Cuts Features Takes Special Detective Skills

Pg… 136 Just One More

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