LIFE Magazine March 28, 1955

LIFE Magazine March 28, 1955 Volcano Eruption in Hawaii


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Pg… 8 Speaking of Pictures: A Roundup of the Country's Fanciest and Funniest Feminine TV Weather Forecasters

Pg… 12 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 18 The Color and Fury of a Volcano: An Old Affliction Returns to Plague Hawaii as Volcano Breaks Loose Again

Pg… 26 A Lung–Busting Track Meet: At Pan–American Games in Mexico City Athletes Gasp for Air but Set Now Records

Pg… 30 Editorials: The Source of Yalta's Tragedy. The Training of Soldiers

Pg… 35 Bad Boy Bevan Bounced Out: A Rebel is Expelled but the Split in Britain's Labor Ranks Widens

Pg… 36 The Listening Hand: Although Both are Blind and Deaf, a Mother and Father Care for New Son

Pg… 38 Footnote to Yalta: Some New Pictures Turn Up as the Official Records are Released

Pg… 43 A Cook's Tour to Katmandu: Tourists Invade Hitherto Inaccessible Kingdom of Nepal

Pg… 49 Bad Boys in the Classroom: Movie "Blackboard Jungle" Paints an Exciting Picture of Public School Delinquency

Pg… 54 New Easter Hats: Strong Colors and Fragile Fabrics Set the Style for Spring

Pg… 60 Jelled and Dripless: A New Paint Makes Less of a Mess for Do–It–Yourself Decorators

Pg… 65 A School Showdown Wins a Dress–Up: Eighth–Grade Boys in Dover, N.J. Shame Jean–Clad Girls by Wearing Sunday Best on Tuesdays

Pg… 68 150 Years of Fine Arts: Pennsylvania Academy has Long Presented the Best in U.S. Talent

Pg… 77 Best Comedy of the Season: Pulitzer Prizewinner William Inge Does a Tender Play, "Bus Stop," About Some People Stranded in a Kansas Diner

Pg… 83 A Pair of Prima Pachyderms: Alice and Trudy Practice on a Hollywood Animal Farm for an Eight–Elephant Act at St. Louis Zoo

Pg… 91 Unbookish Look: Cincinnati Finally Acquires a Modern Library Building

Pg… 99 Dave's Big Dream: Bid from the N.Y. Giants Gives 18–Year–Old and All–American Opportunity, Photographs for LIFE by Ralph Morse

Pg… 106 Hot work for Toys: Hanford, Wash. Scientists Use Miniature Transport to Cart Radioactive Chemicals

Pg… 111 U.S. Freedom and UMT: The Last Message of General Raymond S. McLain Exhorts U.S. to Prevent H–War Through Military Training

Pg… 124 A Look at the World's Week

Pg… 126 Miscellany: Warbler Mother Feeds Her Oversized Cuckoo Baby

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