LIFE Magazine November 7, 1969

LIFE Magazine November 7, 1969 Beatles Paul McCartney, Linda, & children


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Pg… 32 The Garbage Crisis: We Disgorge a Million Tons a Day and Still Nobody Knows What to do with it. Photographed by Ralph Crane

Pg… 38 The Hero's Off–Season Payoff: For Superstars of Sport Like Tom Seaver, the Average that Really Counts is Dow Jones. By William Zinsser

Pg… 42 Maxi Cover–Up: The Miniskirt Provokes a Full–Dress Counterrevolution that Threatens to Blanket Womanhood

Pg… 46 Editorials: Blacklisting Lingers On

Pg… 46 Editorials: Seven New Deadly Sins

Pg… 51 The Supersonic Boom

Pg… 57 The Corporate Image: Come Back, Chessie! Where are You, Nipper? An Elegy by William Zinsser

Pg… 64 A Cinematic Assault: "End of the Road" Challenges the Hollywood System?and the Audience. By Richard Meryman

Pg… 75 Waiting Out the War: Wife or Widow?

Pg… 80 The Campus that Kept Its Cool: Seton Hall's Quiet Revolution. By Brad Darrach

Pg… 93 Beckett Wins a Nobel Prize

Pg… 97 A Portrait of Hilary: Seven–Year–Old Hilary Ball Talks About Herself

Pg… 103 The Paul McCartney Mystery

Pg… 2 Departments: Gallery Ikko Narahara on Timelessness

Pg… 4 Departments: Columb Barry Farrell Explores Death in Hollywood

Pg… 8–15 Departments: Reviews: Theodore Roszak's "The Making of a Counter Culture," Reviewed by Kenneth Keniston

Pg… 8–15 Departments: Reviews: "Adalen '31," a Film by the Man Who Made "Elvira Madigan," Reviewed by Richard Schickel

Pg… 28A Departments: Letters to the Editors

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