LIFE Magazine September 1983

LIFE Magazine September 1983 10 Best & Worst American Cars Ever


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Pg… 4 Editor’s Note: The Artful Crew That Puts It All Together. Pg… 7 The View from Here: Tuning in on a Man–Made Reality by Loudon Wainwright. Pg… 8 Camera at Work: How Liz Taylor Got Her Mink–and Became a Legend on Madison Avenue. Pg… 18 Letters. Pg… 21 Portrait: Elvis Costello, Britain’s Peerless Pop Songwriter Woos America by Joyce Maynard. Pg… 24 Living on the Edge: In Communist Nicaragua, a Fearful Upper–Class Hangs on, Pressured from inside the Country and out. Pg… 32 Arson Sleuth: A New Kind of Firemen Combats the Nations Most Rampant Crime with New Methods and New Success. Pg… 40 Corporate Boot Camp in Japan: Businessmen Shout, Singing, Confessed Their Flaws, Hike 25 Miles–All to Sharpen Their Managerial Skills. Pg… 51 A Gilded’ Cage’: Broadway Dresses up the Season with a $5 Million Musical Version of La Cageaux Folles Pg… 56 Life Visit Grant Wood Country: A Return to the Iowa ( Eldon ) of the Famed Regionalist Painter As a Dazzling Retrospective Show Tours the US by Anne Beattie Pg… 66 Cover Story: The 10 Best & 10 Worst American Cars, Four–Wheeled Selections from 80 Years of Automaking by a Blue–Ribbon Panel, Plus an Album of Motorized Firsts. Pg… 76 The Hard–Not Life of the Deb of the Decade: “It’s Been Fun.” Says 19–Year–Old Cornelia Guest of Her Social Stardom–but What Does She Really Do? Pg… 82 The Bodies beneath the Pads: Seven of the NFL’s Best Players Take off Their Uniforms to Show Them Tell the Finer Points of a Rough Game. Pg… 94 Just One More. : Cover Photographs by Michael Melford

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