LIFE Magazine September 26, 1969

LIFE Magazine September 26, 1969 Jerry Koosman New York Mets Baseball


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Pg… 8 The Presidency: Nothing Yet to Mar the White House Slumber. By Hugh Sidey

Pg… 12 Gallery: Aussie Whiting Makes Rugby Look as Rough as it is

Pg… 16–28 Reviews: Book: "The Coming of Rain," by Richard Marius, Reviewed by Guy Davenport

Pg… 16–28 Reviews: Movie: "The Gypsy Moths," Reviewed by Richard Schickel

Pg… 16–28 Reviews: Music: Blind Faith, by Albert Goldman

Pg… 34A Letters to the Editors

Pg… 34B Who Woulda Thunk It?: The New York Mets' Clownish Days are Over and Manager Gil Hodges has His Team in a Headlong Lunge for the Pennant. By Paul O'Neil

Pg… 42 On the Newsfronts of the World: The Hard–Charging U.S.S. "Manhattan" Breaks Through the Northwest Passage, Lured by Alaskan Oil

Pg… 46 Race Crisis at a Marine Camp: Blacks and Whites Stand on the Edge of Open War in Camp Lejeune

Pg… 50B Editorials: A Hopeful Bet on Campus Cool

Pg… 50B Editorials: A Better Way to Elect Presidents

Pg… 55 Nature: The Unicorn is Alive and Well and Living in Coney Island

Pg… 59 Report: The Obstinacy of Bill Schanen. By John Pekkanen

Pg… 60 A Grand Tour of the Zodiac: For Doubters and Devotees, an Annotated Survey of the Astrological Signs. Photographed by Greene–Eula. Now it can be Foretold. By Ann Bayer

Pg… 78 A Survivor on TV: Lana: A Durable Star Goes Back to Work in a Jet–Set Soap Opera. By Joan Barthel

Pg… 91 Sports: Baby Ruthie is a Fencing Phenomenon

Pg… 95 Modern Living: With the Free–Form Wedding Game, You Can Compose Your Own

Pg… 104 Miscellany

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