LIFE Magazine November 10, 1941 - Gene Tierney
LIFE Magazine January 11, 1943 - Kids Uniforms Fashion
LIFE Magazine April 5, 1954 - The Desert | Ben Hogan Secret: A Debate
LIFE Magazine January 8, 1965 - Flood Deluge and Havoc in Northwest
LIFE Magazine August 14, 1970 - Traveling Americans
LIFE Magazine July 23, 1945 - Peggy Ann Garner
LIFE Magazine May 18, 1962 - Space Astronaut Scott Carpenter and wife Rene
LIFE Magazine September 13, 1948 - Marshal Tito

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My parents loved your original LIFE Magazine. They had so much fun looking back at what 'life' was like the week they were married. Thanks for preserving them and making them available to the public. (I'll be back for more!)

Susan in York, PA United States