LIFE Magazine September 19, 1969

LIFE Magazine September 19, 1969 Sex Education for Little Children


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Pg… 4 Column: "A Pretty Good Place to be from, and go Back to." By Richard B. Stolley

Pg… 12 Gallery: Erich Hartmann Photographs Time in New York's Grand Central Station

Pg… 16–22 Reviews: Book: "The Seven Minutes," by Irving Wallace, Reviewed by Calvin Trillin

Pg… 16–22 Reviews: Movie: "Staircase" with Rex Harrison and Richard Burton, Reviewed by Brad Darrach

Pg… 16–22 Reviews: Book: "The Reckoning," by Richard M. Elman, Reviewed by Melvin Maddocks

Pg… 28A Letters to the Editors

Pg… 32 Column: Confessions of a Kite Hustler. By Barry Farrell

Pg… 34 Sex Education in School: Furor Over Its Effects on Little Children Splits a Small Town in Wisconsin. Photographed by Michael Mauney

Pg… 42 Strom's Little Acres: How South Carolina's Senator Thurmond Succeeds in Real Estate. By Denny Walsh

Pg… 46B Editorials: The Ground Rules for "National Communism"

Pg… 46B Editorials: The Incoherence Gap

Pg… 51 Art: Paper Money Made Into Art You Can Bank On

Pg… 62A Religion: A Former Colleague Recalls Bishop Pike as Man of Faith, Child of Doubt. By John Cogley

Pg… 66 Vietnam: 'A Degree of Disillusion': A Veteran Combat Photographer Reports on the South Vietnamese Mood After Years of War. Text and Pictures by Larry Burrows

Pg… 79 Sports: With a Little Love and Some Punches, Billy Martin has the Twins Looking Like Winners. By Myron Cope

Pg… 82 Tragedy in Memphis: The Assassination for Martin Luther King Jr.?a Second Excerpt from His Wife's Memoirs of the Civil Rights Leader's Life and Death. By Coretta Scott King

Pg… 95 Science: Testing Architectural Stress with a Cathedral Made of Plastic

Pg… 100 Vanishing Wildlife: Civilization is Crowding Out the Island Habitat of the Rare Red Monkey of Zanzibar

Pg… 105 Education: Lady Into Tiger?the Girls Come to Princeton

Pg… 108 Miscellany

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